Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Restaurants of the Year

Long Island City’s Adda made the cut. Photo: Noah Fecks

Today, Food & Wine released the 2019 edition of its Best New Restaurants list. The glossy mag’s restaurant editor Jordana Rothman journeyed to 29 cities on her eating quest, sampling all the trendy egg sandwiches, rotisserie lobster, and smoked shrimp along the way. For the first time, Queens is represented on the list by way of Long Island City’s excellent Adda, coming in at No. 6. It’s one of two New York restaurants on the list, the other being the very buzzy Frenchette. Check out all the honorees:

1. Cadence (Philadelphia)
2. Suerte (Austin)
3. Frenchette (New York City)
4. Konbi (Los Angeles)
5. Kumiko (Chicago)
6. Adda Indian Canteen (New York City)
7. Fox & the Knife (Boston)
8. Indigo (Houston)
9. Nightshade (Los Angeles)
10. Piece of Meat (New Orleans)

Here Are Food & Wine’s Best New Restaurants of 2019