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Whole Foods Dropping Prices on a Truly Random Assortment of Foods

Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

Ever since Amazon bought Whole Foods, the grocery chain has been locked in a struggle between embracing its original “Whole Paycheck” identity and discovering a new, slightly more affordable one. Now the chain will launch its third round of price cuts on a slew of items that seem to have been chosen Wheel of Fortune–style. Prices will be reduced by 20 percent on hundreds of items, with an emphasis on produce, including mangos and tomatoes. There are also lots of deals to lure in Prime members, who will have access to more discounts on items like spiral-sliced ham as well as an additional 10 percent off on hundreds of on-sale items.

There’s been a lot of action in the Whole Foods world so far this year. In February, the chain increased prices on hundreds of items. Last month, it announced that all of its smaller, more affordable 365 stores would be converted into regular old Whole Foods branches. Co-founder and CEO John Mackey wants you to know the price-slashes are where his heart is at, saying, “We will continue to focus on both lowering prices and bringing customers the quality they trust.”

Whole Foods Dropping Prices on a Truly Random Mix of Foods