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Augustine’s Viennese Wedding Soup Is Like a Middle-European Ramen

Italian wedding soup is easy to find in New York, especially at old-school red-sauce restaurants. Viennese wedding soup, not so much. But according to Bâtard chef-partner Markus Glocker, who also assumed executive-chef duties at Augustine last fall, they’re not so different: both broth-based, with some kind of meat, vegetable, and pasta. The Viennese variety, however, at least as he serves it at Augustine, is much more elaborate. The long-simmered base, richness of garnishes like bone marrow and dry-aged-beef fat, and overall comfort factor all put Glocker in mind of a Middle-European ramen. And although he has yet to have the pleasure, he says, “it will be served when I get married.”

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On the menu at Augustine; $32; 5 Beekman St., at Nassau St.; 212-375-0010.

*This article appears in the February 4, 2019, issue of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

Augustine’s Wedding Soup Is Like a Middle-European Ramen