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America Is in the Middle of a Chicken Nugget Crisis

Thoughts and prayers. Photo: Seremin/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Nuggets may not be an actual part of chickens’ anatomies, but that doesn’t make them any less near or dear to our hearts. So it is with great concern that Grub reports that these United States are in the midst of a chicken nugget crisis.

This week, both Tyson Foods and Perdue have issued recalls of their chicken nugget products. In the case of the latter, 16,000 “Fun Shapes” dinosaur chicken nuggets have been recalled after Perdue forgot to include milk, a known allergen, as an ingredient on the packaging for the nuggets and was cited by the USDA. For Tyson Foods, the situation is even worse: The Arkansas-based company has recalled 36,000 pounds of its white meat Panko nugs, produced in late November, after customers reported finding actual rubber in the frozen food item.

All told, that’s 52,000 pounds, or 26 U.S. tons, of nuggets down the drain. The burden is now on fast food companies to carry Americans through this crisis.

America Is in the Middle of a Chicken Nugget Crisis