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NYC’s Newest Food Influencers Are Its Squirrels

A few discerning diners. Photo: WestSideRag via YouTube; WhatIsNewYork via Twitter; Henry Zhang via Facebook

Just a few days after a squirrel was spotted eating an egg roll and a few months after another went to town on an avocado, a third squirrel has entered the foodie squirrel pantheon. This time, according to the New York Post, the little guy chose America’s favorite cookie, the Oreo. An impressive and sound choice.

This is a major coup for New York City squirrels everywhere after decades spent in the shadow of the city’s rats, who’ve been known to go after everything from pizza and bagels to churros and pita. The squirrels also seem to be aiming for more highbrow and/or processed foods. Oreos, egg rolls, and avocados are much, much harder to come by than a slice of pizza, especially in New York City.

Is it a bit sad that these creatures have strayed away from their ancestral foodways, abandoning nuts and fruit for commercial junk food? Sure. But, then again, isn’t that how progress works? Your great grandparents ate gruel and boiled potatoes so you might one day consume a KFC Triple Down on a dare. It’s the dietary circle of life and squirrels are movin’ on up.

NYC’s Newest Food Influencers Are Its Squirrels