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The Internet Loves Costco’s Giant Tubs of Nutella

Just the right size? Photo: Nutella

Likely motivated by the desperation and onsetting madness caused by a mere week of abiding by New Year’s resolutions, people on the internet have made what they believe is an amazing discovery. Costco sells a gigantic tub of Nutella, weighing in at 6.6 pounds — three times the size of the second largest Nutella jar available from Costco — for only $22.

Never mind that it’s been available for years; what matters is that people have realized they can spend this upcoming weekend cuddling on the couch with a giant tub of chocolate-hazelnut spread.

The reactions have been, yes, pure bliss. However, one very notable individual may be unaware of the tub’s existence. We are, of course, referring to Guy Fieri, whose son Ryder got a Nutella swag pack for his birthday a few days ago. How is the young Fieri going to feel, Mr. Flavor Town, when he finds out you could’ve gotten him several buckets of Nutella?

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