Bakery’s ‘Build That Wall’ Cookies Go Over About As Well As You’d Expect

How romantic. Photo: KING5

Plenty of people fantasize about quitting their jobs to open a bakery, something personal and fun, where the misery of the real world can largely be forgotten among all the whimsical cookies and cakes — at least until your bakery becomes an unlikely political war zone.

NBC affiliate King 5 reports that after Washington state’s Edmonds Bakery unveiled a “Build That Wall” Valentine’s Day cookie, things quickly went south for owner Ken Bellingham. Last week, Bellingham decided to frost one of dozens of cookies with the Trumpian phrase as a joke, but with jokes, timing is everything, and you may recall that last week the government was still in the midst of its wall-related, month-long shutdown, which was especially unfunny for Ana Carrera, a child of Mexican immigrants, who snapped the photo and shared it on Facebook.

Bellingham has received backlash and support alike, but ultimately ended up apologizing for the cookie message, saying, “It’s not anything I endorse. I don’t think building a wall will solve our problems.”

Bakery Apologizes for ‘Build That Wall’ Valentine’s Cookie