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Hershey’s Kisses Are Broken

The horror. Photo: Andrew Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images

As troubling as the world can appear these days, with the foundation of civil society seemingly crumbling, there are certain safeguards that reassure us not everything is changing for the worse. Maybe there is still hope in this world, these totems of consistency appear to say. We can finally rid ourselves of that delusion, because now we can’t even count on Hershey’s Kisses anymore.

Scandal broke when it was revealed that the classic little chocolates are missing their iconic tips. (“What even is the point of a Hershey’s Kiss then?” you may ask. Good question.) The issue was brought to public attention by a Facebook group called the Wedding Cookie Table Community, who were pissed at Hershey’s for ruining their perfect Blossom cookies. No doubt this explains my grandmother’s recent ranting and ravings about everything going to hell.

The issue is affecting nearly all Hershey’s Kisses, and the company acknowledged the issue and Wedding Cookie Table Community’s investigative reporting. However, the company would not reveal what is behind this chocolate crisis, perhaps indicating the reason is much more sinister than initially expected. Warning: If you are a baker, the photos of these misshapen Kisses may disturb you.

Hershey’s Kisses Are Broken