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Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Here and They’re Fine This Year, They’re Totally Fine

These designs are totally fine. Photo: Joshua Trujillo/Starbucks

Now that Halloween has passed, we’re barreling toward that special time of year: the holidays. And no one loves to get people in the mood for the holidays like the execs at Starbucks, which, starting tomorrow, will debut its new collection of holiday cups — thus setting off everyone’s least favorite tradition: hearing idiots get worked up about Starbucks cups.

The cups are totally fine. Unlike last year’s doodle cups, they really stick to the theme. They’re all red, green, and white. They feature mistletoe, two cups with red and white designs, and one green cup with stars and a chain-link-fence-ish pattern. They might even be too blandly Christmas-esque.

Someone will probably still get upset because this is what people do now, even though there are many, much better things to get upset about these days. Imagine being someone who gets worked up about Starbucks cups and then think about how luxurious it must feel to be so oblivious to the rest of the world’s many problems.

Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Here and They’re Fine