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Watch the Trailer for The Final Table, Netflix’s Big-Budget Answer to Iron Chef

Hot off of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Netflix has announced that its other new, big-ticket fall food show, The Final Table, will debut on November 20. Today, the streaming giant has given its first glimpse at the show, hosted by Bon Appétit editor-at-large Andrew Knowlton, and revealed its contests and judges. Judging by the trailer, this show has everything: dramatic music, the sounds of sharp knives, a critical judge (British food critic Jay Rayner) eviscerating a contestant, and chefs quaking in their slip-resistant shoes.

A competition program like Iron Chef that’s, here’s the twist, set around the world, it’ll follow 12 teams of two chefs who cook the national dishes of countries, including Brazil, England, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S. The teams will largely pair chefs (described as “24 of the best in the world”) from different countries, including Aaron Bludorn of New York’s Café Boulud; Ash Heeger of Cape Town’s Riverine Rabbit; Angel Vazquez of Puebla, Mexico’s Intro; and Amninder Sandhu of Mumbai’s Arth. Judging their food will be a panel of celebrities and food critics from each country, including Hasan Minhaj, Alessandra Ambrosio, the New York Times’ Sam Sifton, and Indian author Rashmi Uday Singh.

Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s The Final Table