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The ‘American’ Food at the NFL’s Europe Games Is Really … Something

The Los Angeles Chargers played the Tennessee Titans in London yesterday as part of the NFL’s continued bid to make people outside of America care about football. To celebrate, Wembley Stadium pushed fish and chips aside to serve the classic American snack of a two-foot-long hot dog generously topped with mac and cheese.

The stadium has dabbled before in all-American cuisine for NFL games. For a Buffalo Bills game against the Jaguars back in 2015, the concessions chef reportedly spent a week in Buffalo (our apologies) and served Buffalo wings with something called “Louisiana sauce.” Grub is not sure where the idea for this pairing came from, but is very much looking forward to what they’ll do with cheesesteaks for the October 28 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jaguars.

The ‘American’ Food at the NFL’s Europe Games Is … Something