Waitress Violates First Rule of Spitting in Food by Actually Informing Customer

Photo: John Saponara

What are your greatest fears when going to a restaurant. Having a server who won’t stop asking, “How are we enjoying everything?” Ordering a breakfast sandwich and getting it on a multigrain English muffin? Maybe it’s having your food spit in, which, if you’re a rational person, you’re probably used to listening to friends express their terror while your eyes roll back into your head. And, yet, New York has been rocked by an actual case of spit food: When Long Islander Curtis Mays asked for his receipt at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, the instructions for his burger (well-done, toasted bread!) included his waitress’s request for a special ingredient. Spit.

Mays felt both “like I was gonna throw up” and confused, he tells ABC11, because the waitress was very nice. There were no indications that she was, in fact, the curmudgeonly restaurant worker of urban legend whose liable to add this very special sauce. So what happened? Was she mad that he ordered his burger well-done? Did she believe that this was a political statement in support of Trump? Is she unilaterally opposed to caramelized onions on beef patties? When Mays asked why she did this, the waitress apparently denied responsibility then walked away. It remains a mystery, and maybe it always will be.

Man Gets Receipt Revealing Burger’s Special Sauce Is Spit