Solo Cups Has Mastered the Art of Product Tie-ins

Walt Disney Studios and disposable plastic red cup–maker Solo have, let’s call it, joined forces to promote the latest Star Wars film, which traces Han Solo’s backstory. Neither company needs to explain why. Solo: A Star Wars Story is easily the most obvious marketing tie-in since at least three weeks ago, when Infiniti announced that it was sponsoring Avengers: Infinity War.

Naturally, Reddit is all over it in a post submitted earlier today that’s already been upvoted 22,000 times. Users have suggested serving the cups with the chewy version of Chips Ahoy! and all sorts of other brilliant product tie-ins (“I always thought Scope should market a Chewbacca mouthwash & gargle”).

Solo (the cup company, not the fictional space smuggler) has for the time being also converted its entire website into one big Star Wars fan site that encourages fans of both Star Wars and beer pong to enter for a chance to win a “SOLOBRATION” party pack that includes “various Solo Cup products, a t-shirt, two (2) Fandango movie tickets, and additional products as determined by Sponsor and Disney in their own discretion.” It sounds potentially ominous, but it also makes a lot more sense than R2-D2 shredded lettuce ever will.

Solo Cups’ Star Wars Tie-in Is Obviously Perfect