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Now There’s an Animated Gordon Ramsay to Terrorize Cartoons

All smiles … for now. Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, you might have heard, is rebooting The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The new series, by DreamWorks, goes live Friday, and besides the squirrel and moose from your childhood (plus the two inept spies Boris and Natasha), the creators have, somewhat fittingly, also given a cameo to the real-life caricature of a bully Gordon Ramsay.

He plays himself in a multi-chapter episode called “The Stink of Fear,” and ani-Ramsay is more or less the sole focus of this trailer:

Cartoon Ramsay is the spitting image of real Ramsay, in that he domineers and personally insults everyone in his path. The plot, per Food & Wine, has something to do with Boris and Natasha trying to turn Bullwinkle into a baker minion who can enter a high-stakes cooking competition in France to serve a lethal “Pie of Doom” to world leaders in attendance. As the international competition’s host, Ramsay is said to “smell something suspicious going on” and do his best to thwart Boris and Natasha’s plot, but the trailer is just a minute and a half of him being obnoxious. (Remember — it’s a cartoon; best not to get too bogged down in the plot.)

Unsurprisingly, the cartoon Ramsay is a PG version of the real chef, but it’s still a wonder why Amazon would promote the idea of cheffy verbal abuse from a character it teaches children is “the biggest celebrity chef in the world.”

Animated Gordon Ramsay Is Now Here to Terrorize Cartoons Too