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Hero Chef José Andrés Offers to Help Wheel of Fortune Player Who Butchered ‘Flamenco’

Last month, you may have seen the viral video of Jonny Knowles, a poor Wheel of Fortune contestant who blew $7,100 and a trip to Spain by garbling a 100 percent completed puzzle. To win, he needed only to say “Flamenco dance lessons,” but he instead uttered “Flamingo dance lessons.”

José Andrés, hero chef, has swooped in to help Knowles out. Early yesterday, the chef tweeted this:

As you can see, the 2018 James Beard Humanitarian of the Year helpfully explains that Spain is a nation where the pink bird and sexy dance go by the exact same word — meaning no more -go or -co mix-ups!

Consider it more proof that the Spanish-born chef has a soft spot for any and all victims of circumstance. Knowles hasn’t publicly accepted the offer yet, but if Andrés throws in a pair of free dance lessons, surely he won’t be able to resist.

José Andrés Offers to Help Horrible Wheel of Fortune Player