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Government to E-Cig Companies: Stop Making Vapes That Look Like Juice Boxes

A bunch of no-no’s.

The U.S. government says today that it’s warned 13 vape brands to immediately rethink putting their e-cigs and liquid nicotine in whimsical packaging that looks pretty much 100 percent like kids’ candy, cookies, or juice boxes. Both the FDA and Federal Trade Commission called out the companies in a joint press release that states, just so you know, that vaping is in fact “dangerous for children,” and can cause them “severe harms such as death, seizure, and coma.”

In what will definitely be fodder for … something … the Feds have attempted to demonstrate how much these vapes mimic actual kids’ food products via a series of handouts that ask the question, “E-liquid or food product?”

One Mad Hit Juice Box
Candy King Sour Worms
Pink Sticks
V’Nilla Cookies & Milk
Whip’d Strawberry
Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce

Truly, the dangers hungry American kids face these days are endless. Just look at the new Oreo flavors that came out this week. Cherry-cola Oreo? Piña colada?! Even though they aren’t secret vapes, parents probably shouldn’t buy them for kids, either.

Photo: Mondelez International
Feds Tell E-Cig Makers No More Vapes That Look Like Candy