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Add Cate Blanchett to Superiority Burger’s Legions of Devotees

Not so long ago, our own Adam Platt named the Superiority Burger the absolute best veggie burger in New York City. Now, Brooks Headley’s quinoa- and carrot-based patty has gotten yet another ringing endorsement from the most unlikely of celebrities: Cate Blanchett.

On last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, the Ocean’s 8 star got host Jimmy Fallon to try a traditional Australian burger, featuring beets, caramelized onions, and egg, as well as the East Village–born Superiority Burger, which the actress called “the thinking man’s burger.” The taste test is followed by an epic beer-chugging contest — using (nonplastic) straws.

Add Cate Blanchett to Superiority Burger’s Horde of Devotees