pizza rat

Pizza Rat Made Its Triumphant Return to New York This Weekend

In New York, the return of the pizza rat — much like the quaint Groundhog Day — is a harbinger of the beginning and end of summer. It should come as no surprise that with the forecast predicting temperatures in the 80s this week, pizza rat was spotted ceremoniously dragging the Whole Slice across the Sacred Subway Tracks over the weekend. Mr. Pizza Rat dragged the pizza very hard and quickly, clearly symbolizing that the winter was tough and that spring came and went as fast as an available apartment with decent rent. Now that the pizza rat has declared the start of the hot days, it will return to its subterranean abode where it will have all the pizza and garlic knots it desires. It will only emerge again months later to tell New Yorkers that the leaves are turning and it is time to take part in the annual picking of the apples.

Pizza Rat Makes Triumphant Return to New York This Weekend