Simpsons Doughnuts Are Finally, Actually Real

What took so long? Photo: FOX

It took 29 years, but someone in the pastry world has at last realized the untapped marketing potential of an official Simpsons doughnut. Alas, that someone was Krispy Kreme Australia, and why America’s favorite doughnut chain would partner with America’s favorite animated series on the opposite end of the Earth is an annoying logic puzzle for another day. But, yes, it’s called the D’ohnut, and from now until April 30, locations in the Oz states of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia will be selling one- and four-packs of Homer’s famous pink, glazed delicacy. (So will those states’ 7-Elevens, in an odd twist.)

The package shows a sugar-comatose Homer floating on a sea of doughnuts. Inside, Krispy Kreme deposits a white-chocolate truffle-strawberry iced treat that it’s topped with the show’s seminal rainbow sprinkles. Not that it was, by any stretch, difficult to replicate, but Krispy Kreme gets ten out of ten all the same:

Suffice it to say, Aussie Instagram is full of posts by Simpsons fans eager to get a rise out of their jealous U.S. counterparts:

Here’s even a person feeding theirs to a horse:

Simpsons Doughnuts Are Finally Real