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Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts ‘Donut Fries’ for Those Days When You’ve Just Completely Given Up

Exactly what they sound like. Photo: Dunkin Donuts

For the last few months, Dunkin’ Donuts has undertaken “one of the most aggressive simplification efforts” in fast-food history in order to help restore the chain’s lost “doughnut mojo.” Any new menu item would presumably be in service of these goals, which now leaves you to ponder this development: People in Boston have discovered that Dunkin’ is quietly testing “Donut Fries” as a side.

Of course, the trial comes in convenient proximity to Taco Bell’s rollout of nacho fries, which the chain announced last month had became its biggest-ever product launch. So, Dunkin’ doughnuttified its version by dusting them with cinnamon and sugar. It says they “pair perfectly with Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature beverages and are ideal for an energizing afternoon break,” which is not exactly the phrasing we’d use for a product that surely contains no nutritional value whatsoever.

No matter! Bostonians are pumped up about this afternoon-food-coma-inducing item:

They’re part of a new “Gotta Have $2 Snacks” menu, which also includes Munchkins you dip into chocolate sauce, waffle-breaded chicken tenders, Munchkin-shaped “pretzel bites” that come with honey mustard, gluten-free brownies, and some seriously low-energy ham-and-cheese rollups. Here’s what the full set looks like:

Photo: Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’s reps tell local media that the fries and other snacks are only available at “a small number” of Boston stores for now, but add that they’re eyeing a “possible national rollout” once customers and franchisees give their feedback.

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts ‘Donut Fries’