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Watch the Very Poetic Trailer for Danny Meyer’s Next Restaurant

Danny Meyer wants you to know that he has another new restaurant on the horizon, so he’s released a weird teaser video. It has everything: a camera pointed up at tall buildings and tall buildings seen from a drone’s-eye view, a T-shirt vendor’s stall, city scenes on fast-forward, and the ambient noise of the streets, plus a Brian Eno–esque track. As for the restaurant, it’s called, uh, Manhatta and is expected to open this summer. Reps are billing it as “a neighborhood restaurant on the 60th floor.” Apparently, it’s a neighborhood restaurant for the sky.

The restaurant will be located at 28 Liberty Street and its executive chef is Jason Pfeifer, who worked at Maialino, Noma, and Per Se. The 38,000-square-foot restaurant will have 360-degree views and a private-event space, the Bay Room, for all your party-in-the-clouds needs.

Watch the Poetic Trailer for Danny Meyer’s Next Restaurant