This Twitter Thread About Deceitful Vegetables Is Today’s Catharsis

“A.K.A. three dimensional water.” Photo: bluebeat76/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yes, we all need to eat more greens, but sometimes so-called healthy ingredients can just be so difficult (just Google “avocado hand”). Earlier this week, for instance, blogger Imani Gandy fell victim to some spinach: After attempting to sauté leaves in a pan and ending up with an infinitesimally smaller amount than what she started with, Gandy felt so wronged by the plant that she fired off this angry tweet to her 111,000 followers:

The question was clearly rhetorical, but it was enough to mobilize the Twitter masses, who took the chance to chime in with lists of vegetables they find more dishonest and/or generally loathsome. People have now spent almost 48 hours maligning produce in her thread.

Honestly, as this far-from-exhaustive roundup should demonstrate, every plant is suspicious somehow:

Is your horrible lying liar of a vegetable somehow MIA? It’s probably somewhere in the actual thread, but if not, here’s your chance to finally release that hostility.

Twitter Thread About Lying Vegetables Is a Total Catharsis