st. patrick's day

We Dare You to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With This Green-Spaghetti Chili

In Cincinnati, and the areas surrounding it, there is a particular dish that’s comprised of spaghetti, chili, shredded cheddar, and maybe some diced onion. To those who are unfamiliar with this particular combination of ingredients, the dish, made famous by a chain called Skyline chili, can seem ridiculous. But it gets even more ridiculous this weekend, as Skyline has announced that on St. Patrick’s Day, it will serve its chili with bright-green noodles.

Even the official image, which is ostensibly designed to make the dish look as appealing as possible, is a horror-show:

Still beats slamming Irish car bombs. Photo: Skyline Chili

As you might guess, the IRL version looks even more ghastly:

The green noodles are dyed using a potentially unlawful amount of food coloring, and can come any of the signature “Ways” Skyline serves spaghetti: 3-Way (noodles, chili, cheese), 4-Way (noodles, chili, cheese, and either beans or onions), and 5-Way (all of the above). It gets topped with Skyline’s infamous chili sauce, whose intense cinnamon flavor is said to make the dish “an unenjoyable eating experience for even the hungriest of people.”

According to legend, the recipe is a family secret stored in some locked bank vault — coincidentally the same place somebody ought to hide this green spaghetti.

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