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Great Reddit Thread Reveals What Kids Draw at Restaurants That Give Them Crayons

A hungry young Picasso at work. Photo: Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

Here is something you have maybe never wondered, but that is totally incredible: What’s it like to work as a server in restaurants where kids are given crayons to draw on the paper place mats? It just so happens that one of Reddit’s most popular threads today is an r/AskReddit page asking servers to describe “the weirdest thing you’ve seen a child draw” at just such a place.

There are plenty of highlights:

• A landscape scene with the sun, some grass, flowers … and the girl’s own tombstone. She reportedly explained: “It is me. We waited so long here I died.”

• Illustrations missing one particular primary color: “I went to greet my table once and the parents asked me to take the red crayon. Only the red, because their daughter will eat red crayons, not any other colors, just red.”

• A cautionary game of hangman: “The stick figure was fully hanged, and the word they used was my first name. The face on the hanged man had eyes and a straight line for a mouth.”

• A comic strip drawn by two little girls. “Panel one is a girl being asked out by a man named bob, panel two she rejects him, panel three bob has disappeared. Panel four, they search bobs house and they find bob on a noose and it says oh no bob killed himself!”

• A 10-year-old’s rendering of Stalin as a giant robot fighting tanks, labeled “Mecha-Stalin vs. The ‘Democracy’ of Russia.” (Dad may have helped there?)

• A fake Kmart sales circular that advertised a “Michael Jackson Sale: Little Boys Pants Half Off!” The server adds that some of the discount pants on offer “left little to the imagination.”

• And this: “Scrawled on the table, menu, various napkins, and anything else they could reach, ‘I LOVE JAKE PAUL JAKE PAUL JAKE PAUL I WILL MARRY YOU JAKE PAUL LOVE LOVE NOT LOGAN ONLY JAKE.’”

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