One of Rachael Ray’s Companies Has Pulled Its Ads From Laura Ingraham’s Show

Good boys. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Rachael Ray is standing with Parkland-shooting survivor David Hogg against Fox News host Laura Ingraham. She’s the first advertiser to cut ties with The Ingraham Angle, coming barely 13 hours after Hogg asked businesses to boycott her for calling him dumb and whiny. Hogg — who’s 17 and six weeks past one of America’s deadliest school massacres — admitted in a recent interview that he’s gotten several college rejection letters. Ingraham got snide about that, and as a result, the Food Network chef’s pet-food brand, Nutrish, announced this morning that it’s “in the process of removing our ads” from Ingraham’s show.

As boycotts go, this one happened pretty fast: On Tuesday, Hogg told TMZ that he got rejected by four UC system schools. He’d just given a gun-control speech to 800,000 at March for Our Lives, so people online started arguing if this made sense. Ingraham — who attacked Trump a few weeks ago for hosting a bipartisan gun-control meeting — weighed in on Wednesday by taunting Hogg with this tweet, which quickly got ratioed:

Wednesday night, David Hogg responded by tweeting the names of 12 “top” Ingraham Angle advertisers, urging followers to demand that those companies yank ads from her show. Ray’s Nutrish was third on the list:

This morning, Nutrish (ironically, the only company not alerted to Hogg’s tweet because he didn’t use its handle) replied by saying that Ingraham Angle viewers would see no more ads bragging about dog food inspired by Rachael Ray’s own recipes:

Her company has since clarified things further, telling reporters that Ingraham’s sneering comments are “not consistent with how we feel people should be treated”:

Rachael Ray Brand Severs Ties With Laura Ingraham’s TV Show