It Looks Like Justin Timberlake Really Enjoyed His Dinner at Alinea Last Night

In the pantheon of celebrities eating at restaurants, there are a few notable highlights, including “Rihanna Loves Pasta,” that night Guy Fieri dined at Roberta’s, and anytime the Obamas go anywhere. But the actual meals are always somewhat uneventful: Famous person eats, then leaves, the end. Leave it to Justin Timberlake, then, to elevate the celebrity meal to something … more by commemorating his dinner at Alinea, Grant Achatz’s famed restaurant in Chicago.

Last night, the pop star shared a series of Instagram videos of himself enjoying Alinea’s dessert, and suffice it to say, Timberlake had a good time, especially when he was served the restaurant’s famous helium-filled candy balloons (as the caption notes, you’ll want to turn on your sound):

In a second and third video, Timberlake takes in the final part of the meal, where dessert is served directly on the table. (Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama” blasts over the speakers.) After the servers are done, he stands up and asks, “Yo, y’all wanna go on tour?”

Justin Timberlake Really Enjoyed His Dinner at Alinea