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Of Course People Are Calling This Horrible Heineken Ad Racist

The warm weather will be here soon, and so, Heineken just released a new ad showing a bunch of partygoers hanging out at a rooftop bar, doing their best to, you know, enjoy the good vibes. Except instead of actual good vibes, the new ad has some seriously troubling overtones.

In the 30-second commercial, a lighter-skinned bartender notices a fair-skinned woman needs her drink refreshed, so he slides a beer — a Heineken Light — down the bar, past several dark-skinned customers and underneath the black guitar player onstage. It reaches the woman, and the slogan then flashes onscreen: “Sometimes, lighter is better.”

It is an absolute mystery why nobody involved in the making of this ad saw fit to fix its glaring problems, but the public noticed them immediately:

Chance the Rapper even jumped in. He initially worried about drawing attention to the ad, which he suggested Heineken may have made racist on purpose to drum up views — however, in the end he said, “but its like how can u not.”

Heineken responded immediately — what else is it going to do? — and the ad has been removed from TV and online. The company released a statement that reads, in part, “While we feel the ad is referencing our Heineken Light beer, we missed the mark, are taking the feedback to heart and will use this to influence future campaigns.”

Of Course People Are Calling This Heineken Ad Racist