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End Your Week With an Epic Tale of Stolen Office Lunch Intrigue

Another reminder not to touch a co-worker’s leftover fried rice. Photo: Nuria Fontanilles/Getty Images

Twitter can be good. Every once in a while, we get a great Twitter saga, like 2015’s infamous “Zola story” and the “definitive ranking of Non-Primary-Canon pasta shapes.” The latest addition to this collection is the tale of what happened when one unsuspecting office worker’s lunch got stolen, before he was given the go-ahead to use security tapes to uncover the perpetrator.

The tale is, as one might expect, almost too good to be true, which is why Grub Street got in touch with the person who witnessed and livetweeted the incident, comedian Zak Toscani. He assured us that the entire tale is “100 percent true! No joke.” Either way, it is absolutely the best thing that has happened on Twitter in a long time, and a very worthwhile way to end the week.

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