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8 Restaurants Celebrating the Chinese New Year With Great Food

Nom Wah Tu has a few specials. Photo: An Rong Xu

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, and the celebrations will begin immediately: The first of two Chinatown parades will be tomorrow, followed by one in Flushing on Saturday and another in Chinatown on Sunday. Special-occasion restaurants, like dim-sum houses, will be mobbed as they always are, but many more casual places will be more low-key and quieter than normal. If you’re planning on celebrating, some great restaurants are offering specials today, tomorrow, and beyond. Here are eight of them.

On Sunday, the Japanese home-cooking restaurant will throw a one-night Nabe Party ($40), serving a three-course menu of otsumami, seafood hot pot with spicy miso broth, and a glass of Shiragiku Nigori hot sake. Friday and Saturday, they’ll serve the same hot pot and sake as a dinner.

Hao Noodle and Tea
You can order a whole menu of specials at the cosmopolitan Chinese spot, like a steamed eight-treasure glutinous rice cake ($18), pork-and-abalone stew in red sauce ($25), and a fried whole fish with pine nuts ($28).

Little Alley
Do Lunar New Year the Shanghainese way with red-cooked sea bass ($36), Vancouver crabs with ginger and scallion ($68), and other specials.

Little Tong Noodle Shop
Like the elongated noodles eaten on the holiday, the East Village spot will stretch the Lunar New Year celebration into a 16-day celebration. A different special ($7 to $20) will be served each day, including Shanghainese-style rice cakes today, Tianjin-style stuffed buns called goubuli, wagyu rice noodles, and much more.

MáLà Project
Today through Saturday, the modern Sichuan spot will add auspicious family-style dishes and specials like red-cooked pork belly ($16), fish skewers with black pepper ($19), sticky rice cake with dates ($6), and more.

Nom Wah Tu
The more upscale Nom Wah will serve turnip cakes with bacon-X.O. sauce ($8, $13 with uni), rice cakes with Schaller & Weber smoked sausage ($12), and sesame balls with hazelnut-chocolate sauce ($6).

Pinch Chinese
Get your regular order of soup dumplings, yes, but supplement it with traditional holiday dishes like crispy rice cakes ($10), seafood noodle stew ($24), black-sesame tang yuan ($9), and more. Or go big with a salt-and-pepper lobster ($68).

Tang Hotpot
If you’re really looking to celebrate, few meals are as convivial as hot pot. Today and tomorrow, the Bowery restaurant will offer a $68 prix fixe with family-style appetizers, a special herbal Silkie-chicken broth and spicy beef-tallow broth, and plenty of food (like lobster and meatballs) for dipping.

8 Restaurants Ringing in Chinese New Year With Great Food