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Starbucks’s New Color-Changing Cold Brew Is Basically a Caffeinated Lava Lamp


After years of experiments in its labs and countless Frappuccinos lost to the cause, Starbucks has finally invented a drink that is basically a living GIF. Called Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew, the drink — brace yourself — changes colors courtesy of the chameleon-like butterfly-pea tea. This drink of many colors is layered with lemonade and cold brew, which is an admittedly solid combination. Still, it’s tea, lemonade, and coffee. Talk about a drink with a high degree of difficulty.

Now the bad news: This caffeinated acid trip is, for now, only available at Starbucks stores across Asia, “for a limited time, while supplies last.” So if you want to drop a shot of this on your Instagram Story, you’re probably going to have to book a trip, stat. Nobody said social-media glory was going to be easy.

Starbucks’ Color-Changing Coffee Is a Caffeinated Lava Lamp