Redditors Really Hate This Microwave Drawer

A picture of Sharp’s actual device. Photo: Sharp

Here is the internet more or less perfectly summed up: Someone posted a photo of a fancy microwave drawer on Reddit, and within hours the site’s community attacked the device all at once like a mob of gulls. In this instance, the image in question appeared in an /r/mildlyinteresting post by user Piyuse, and it showed one of Sharp’s “drawer-style microwave ovens” (retail price: $1,199). Piyuse gave the post the incredibly literal title of “The microwave at my office is a pull out drawer,” put absolutely nothing as the caption, and may actually be a bot, since the pic was also stolen from a year-old thread. But the image worked Reddit’s users into such a frenzy regardless that they’ve now upvoted the post 18,000 times and left over 700 comments.

The post’s top comment, by Johansdur, is pretty indicative of what else follows: “My family has one and it’s the worst. It’s really shallow, so you can’t fit large items/tall mugs in there, and when you press the button to open and close it everything shakes around and spills.” After reading it, user Rosie_Cotton_ replied: “That last part made me angry just thinking about it!”

Here are some of the other very negative reactions people have toward this particular Sharp appliance, or just toward sliding-drawer microwaves in general:
• “We have one too, and my biggest beef is no turntable, so the food doesn’t cook as evenly as it did in my old $69 special from WallyWorld.”
• “I only see these in rich-people homes.”
• “A microwave the size of an oven completely defeats the point of a microwave.”
• “Is it for people who cannot cook but want to pretend they have an oven?”
• “My parents have one of these and it fucking sucks. Doesn’t spin food, can’t clean the roof properly, is right at crotch height so you can’t stand near it when it cooks or it cooks you too, and is generally an overly complicated piece of shit. Fuck this thing, it sucks.”
• “I have this same microwave. Ive left that flap down a dozen times and consistently take a chunk out of my leg walking into it the next morning.”
• “Had one as well. My biggest frustration was the slowness of the drawer. You don’t realize how often you open and close the door trying to get your food to certain temperature until you have a drawer that takes 2 second to open.”

Now that the post has been up for multiple hours, the comments and jokes have, let’s just say, devolved from there. Interestingly, the one thing nobody seems angry about is the food that’s already in the drawer. It’s a Tupperware container with plain white rice, unseasoned chicken, and some kernels of corn. Even a thousand-dollar microwave isn’t going to save that.

Redditors Really Hate This Microwave Drawer