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Olive Garden Unveils Lasagna Nachos for the Super Bowl

You can pay real money for this. Photo: Olive Garden

Unless she’s lost in Times Square, your Nonna is probably not going to Olive Garden for old-world Italian cooking. Its speciality is food for Americans with only the vaguest hint of Italian influence, and their latest creation does not stray from the formula: The chain has unveiled something that’s officially billed as Loaded Pasta Chips, but which are really nachos made out of pasta — just in time for the Super Bowl

To be clear: They don’t sound bad, exactly. Olive Garden says this item is yours for just a modest $7.49, and can even be preordered ahead of time. The recipe involves “homemade pasta chips” that are “layered with Italian cheeses and a hearty meat sauce,” then “topped with cherry peppers and an alfredo drizzle.” Foodbeast managed to try them already, and reports the tortilla-chips substitute is more like “actual pieces of lasagna.”

The dish has reportedly been available for a week, but it seems most people are only hearing about it for the first time today:

Of course, this Twitter user may be the true voice of reason here:

Olive Garden Unveils Pasta Nachos for the Super Bowl