Vegans Are Officially Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Constant Trolling

“How do you know who’s vegan at a party? Don’t worry — they’ll let you know.” Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Amateur cooks routinely tweet Ramsay pics of their DIY whatever dish in hopes of getting 15 minutes of fame. Replies never stretch more than a couple of words, and they’re pretty much always mean. Ramsay followed this age-old model when Twitter user @thiccqueer asked him to rate her vegan lasagna, only he ignored the actual lasagna itself, which subbed cashew sauce for ricotta and looks totally fine. Instead, Ramsay just seized onto the V-word as what he believed was the perfect trolling opportunity.

Ramsay has always been vocal about his pro-meat culinary style — and that is truly the Dad Joke of vegan put-downs. As you might imagine, riled-up herbivores are not feeling it:

Grub Street loves a petty, ultimately meaningless Twitter spat as much as anyone else, but Ramsay’s endless knocks on people who avoid eating meat do look hopelessly outdated and close-minded. It’s probably time for the celeb chef to find a new target.

Vegans Officially Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Trolling