Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot Just Secured $10 Million in Funding

It’s not exactly HAL 9000 or Wall-E, but Flippy the robot does leave an impression, as it hauntingly scrapes burger patties off a flat-top grill. It has apparently left an impression on investors, too. The maker of Flippy, Miso Robotics, announced today that it secured $10 million in cash during a brand-new Series B funding round, arguably the surest sign yet that robots really will soon replace us all.

Just look how uplifting it all seems:

Miso says the capital will help it expand Flippy’s metaphorical reach as well as its literal reach, as the money will also allow Miso to continue perfecting the arm, which cranks out “consistent” burgers using cameras, thermal scanners, lasers, and a lot of kitchen space.

The chain CaliBurger is already committed to adding Flippy robots at its locations, and among the group of funders is a Chicago-based hospitality company called Levy, which runs various restaurants, concession stands, and vending machines at stadiums and other entertainment venues — from Michelin-starred Spiaggia to Disney World and Barclays Center. Levy’s interest in Flippy is described as “strategic,” since most of its business is in heavily trafficked places where lines can get pretty long.

Miso says it’s up for producing an AI capable of handling Levy’s rigor, but it’s also still trying to dispel the notion its bots are secretly vying for workers’ jobs. That teaser video above does its best to demonstrate how Flippy is a cook’s best buddy in the kitchen — it “works with you,” it “learns from you,” and “together you make food.” Of course, when the inevitable Flippy Apocalypse occurs it makes you the food. Enjoy those burgers while you still can!

Flippy the Burger–Flipping Robot Just Secured $10 Million