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Brooklyn Pizzeria Finally Invents Pizza That Looks Like Tide Pods

What are hungry Tide Pod fanatics to do, now that everyone from YouTube and the U.S. government to Rob Gronkowski has jumped their case about the dangers of purposefully ingesting laundry detergent? Well, if they live in Brooklyn, the answer is easy: Get a large order of the new “Pied Pods” at Vinnie’s Pizzeria.

Naturally, the Williamsburg joint co-owned by longtime pizzaiolo comic Sean Berthiaume took the joke to its fullest in this week’s Instagram post announcing the new menu item:

The pods in question are stuffed with pepperoni and have mozzarella swirls on top that are dyed bright blue and orange — just enough WTF to perhaps act as a “gateway food” that lures Tide Pod eaters back to lives of real sustenance.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Vinnie’s first trip to the gimmick rodeo. The “cheeseception” slice — a piece of pizza topped with other smaller pieces of pizza — was the staff’s doing, as was the pizza served in a box also made of pizza. The restaurant says Pied Pods are “delicious,” but the biggest improvement on Tide’s version is probably that they’re “100% not poison,” so that’s nice.

Brooklyn Pizzeria Invents Pizza Disguised as Tide Pods