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King’s Fantastic Hot Chocolate–Espresso Hybrid Is the Antidote for Winter Doldrums

A soothing pour of hot chocolate on the bottom of the glass, a frothy float of espresso on top of the chocolate, and a cool cap of freshly whipped cream. That is the bicerin (pronounced bee-che-REEN), and if there is another booze-free elixir more capable of shaking off a case of the winter blues in a single sip, we don’t know about it. The little mood-lifter is famous in Turin, where it was invented way back when, but relatively unknown in New York. Not for long, perhaps: The ladies at King have come up with a crackerjack version of the pick-me-up for their just-launched lunch service, and judging by the number of bicerins flying out from behind the bar the other day, the drink is already catching on.

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On the menu at King; $9; 18 King St., at Sixth Ave.; 917-825-1618.

*This article appears in the February 5, 2018, issue of New York Magazine.

A Hot Chocolate–Espresso Hybrid for Winter’s Bleakest Days