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José Andrés Offers Free Lunch to Winners of Trump’s ‘Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards’

He figures it’s the least he can do. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

As expected, the competition is really heating up for President Trump’s “Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards,” alternately titled the “Fake News Awards,” depending on the Trump tweet.

But if desire for this yuuge prize weren’t killing journalists already, Trump’s top culinary foe José Andrés is giving them an even better reason to hope the White House singles out their work in particular:

Yesterday afternoon, Trump announced that he’s unfortunately been forced to delay the ceremony until January 17, since “the interest in, and importance of these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!” So any major media organization about to run a devastating Russia exposé can breathe a sigh of relief — it’ll take something big to beat Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert anyway. They’ve run actual ads nominating themselves, and you can bet that after Andrés’s tweet, writers on both shows suddenly got busy Googling whether or not Minibar takes lunch reservations.

José Andrés Will Feed Winners of Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’