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World’s Worst Delivery Guy Caught on Video Sneaking Bites of the Pizza He’s About to Deliver

Is nothing in life still sacred? Canadian media this week report that a doorman in Surrey, British Columbia, watched a Domino’s delivery guy nibble away at part of a resident’s pizza order while inside the high-rise’s elevator. The pizza guy thought he’d play it cool until the door closed, then quickly sprang into action.

Alas for him, modern-day elevators are equipped with security cameras — which the doorman happened to be monitoring during the now-fired employee’s trip up:

“I was like, ‘What the heck is going on?’” the doorman tells CTV. He adds that he immediately notified the resident, since “Who likes to eat used pizza, right?”

Domino’s Canada says it “obviously” doesn’t condone this dude’s behavior. In an interview with CTV, VP of marketing Jeff Kacmarek calls it “embarrassing” and “unfortunate,” because it hurts the thousands of hardworking drivers they’ve hired who are capable of self-control.

Still, give this dude some props: Clearly, this isn’t his first topping-swiping rodeo. His pilfering is too calculated, his movements too methodical — watch him strategically snatch ingredients from all quadrants of the pie, instead of returning again and again to the same part. Also, he’s got, what, maybe 20 seconds to extricate the pizza box from the delivery bag, lay it out flat so he can open it, then inconspicuously wolf down enough toppings to make the effort worth his while. That takes practice.

Delivery Guy Caught Sneaking Bites of Customer’s Pizza