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#SitOutSantaCon Campaign Asks Drunk Santas If They’re Cool Ruining Christmas for Kids

New Yorkers, it’s time to activate the Early SantaCon Warning System — the annual slosh-fest returns on Saturday.

Most rational beings, of course, hate the festive event that lays siege to New York and a growing list of other defenseless cities worldwide, but this year, a Manhattan ad agency is confronting would-be revelers head-on with a #SitOutSantaCon campaign. Rather than detail the horrors of, say, alcohol poisoning, DiMassimo Goldstein’s video urges participants to think of society’s most vulnerable: the poor kids whose innocence they’re going to ruin.

You don’t want to be the person who made a 5-year-old boy say, “I told Santa I wanted a new bike for Christmas, and he said he was ‘too high for this right now.’”

If their video is preaching to the choir because you’re not down for 2 p.m. knife fights, bites off some stranger’s pizza, or bearded revelers ensconced in piles of their own puke, then make sure to avoid these midtown and East Village bars tomorrow. Godspeed.

Campaign Demands Drunk SantaCon Revelers Think of the Kids