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Watch 40,000 Pounds of ‘Molten Guacamole’ Burn on a Texas Highway

These 100,000 avocados are toast: News choppers captured 40,000 pounds’ worth on fire yesterday afternoon after their delivery vehicle burst into flames on a Texas highway. The 18-wheeler was hauling the taco staple north from Mexico on Interstate 35, when it was suddenly set ablaze by a mechanical problem, or something, littering the road with what WFAA’s anchor excitedly dubs “some weird molten guacamole.”

Officials say no one got injured, but, as you can see, the crash melted the truck’s entire trailer, and the cleanup required workers to laboriously scrape the guac puddle from the roadway, which snarled highway traffic for a full three hours. Traffic jams — another ill you can now blame on millennials.

See 40,000 Pounds of ‘Molten Guacamole’ Fill a Texas Highway