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YouTube’s Fast-Food Critics Are Going Crazy for Burger King’s Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos

The box says, “It’s LIT.” Photo: Burger King

There’s a famous moral story fast-food employees teach their children that goes: If you give a customer something Cheetos-flavored, he will immediately demand the Flamin’ Hot variety. Burger King held off this angry uprising for months by releasing a Flamin’ Hot frozen-aisle version of its popular fried Mac N’ Cheetos sticks. But the chain knew that subterfuge would fail eventually, and so it’s caved and started selling the obligatory radioactive-red follow-up at stores nationwide starting today.

Needless to say, YouTube’s food-critic cottage industry has been fantasizing about this moment for nearly six months — well, unless they DIY’d their own Flamin’ Hot macaroni sticks in a manic fit. Here, you’ll find seven ecstatic fast-food hobbyists (yes, all male, every last one of them) raving for a combined 40 minutes about the blessed day on which Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos wrecked their insides.

Here’s the very rare unimpassioned positive review from somebody named Michigan Video Maker, who even politely walks viewers through what to expect on the receipts they definitely plan on removing from their bags and reading:

Misfit Jay, meanwhile, was so excited about Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos that he’s given fans his first-ever food review, eight straight minutes on why they’re “bomb” and “way better” than the original kind:

The Endorsement, a YouTuber whose channel says he can be “VERY PERSUASIVE” when reviewing a chain’s food, gives them a 92 out of 100:

This individual, the Showstopper, starts with a shout-out to the Endorsement, whose video apparently convinced him to try Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos. He cranked out his own enthusiastic review a few hours later:

YouTube’s Fast-Food Critics Love Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos