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This Holiday Season, You Don’t Not Need Cake-Flavored White Pepsi

Could totally trick Santa with this.

It’s still too early to hawk anything holiday-themed, but nobody can blame Pepsi for jumping the gun after inventing this festive Christmas Cola concoction. It’s a soda that tastes like cake and comes in the cheerful white color pictured on the left — almost like if you licked the red stripes off a candy cane and melted the stick. Only there’s no mint: Pepsi’s press release describes the flavor as “reminiscent” of tart strawberries and creamy cake.

It’s a limited holiday offering, and is also exclusive to Japan — Japan because (1) it’s not so weird over there, and (2) because the Japanese traditionally celebrate Christmas by eating a special strawberry shortcake that’s covered in whipped cream.

Pepsi’s soda actually appears to be a pretty faithful re-creation:

Authenticity notwithstanding, consider soda that can be confused for iced milk a solid new addition to Pepsi’s WTF file, next to cinnamon-flavored Fire. It goes on sale November 21.

Your Holidays Don’t Not Need This White Pepsi