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America Finally Unites Against a Common Enemy: the New York Times’ ‘Brussels Sprouts Sliders’ Recipe

You might recall how the New York Times caused one of 2015’s biggest journalistic scandals when it tweeted out a recipe that unnecessarily called for green peas in guacamole. Guac-eaters likened the newspaper to a terrorist organization, President Obama “respectfully” called the dish an abomination, and within hours most of America was in agreement that, at minimum, the paper of record should never be invited to a Cinco de Mayo party. However, the Times’ Food section was left to strike again — and strike it has, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday afternoon, the paper declared on Twitter that it had found your “new favorite” holiday appetizer, brussels sprouts sliders:

The vegetarian recipe, which has tempeh and substitutes a roasted version of the mini-cabbages for “buns,” has been around since at least 2014. The Times even re-ran it in November 2016, due to alleged reader demand. The latest version made an instant stink on Twitter anyways:

Some people even hated the idea so much, they said they’d become cannibals if a brussels sprouts slider were the last food on Earth:

Amazingly, President Trump has so far squandered this chance to rail on actual fake news by the Times.

NYT’s ‘Brussels Sprouts Sliders’ Recipe Destroyed on Twitter