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José Andrés Says One Hot Meal Per Day ‘Is Not Too Much to Ask’ in America

With his hunger-relief efforts in Puerto Rico now stretching beyond two months and 3 million meals, 60 Minutes ran a José Andrés segment last night that Anderson Cooper describes at the start (maybe a little understatedly) as “a good Thanksgiving story.” The chef, who almost literally hasn’t entered any of his restaurants since Hurricane Maria hit, tells Cooper that it was a humanitarian free-for-all when he arrived in September with only his credit cards and $10,000 in cash. He found the island’s only usable ingredients — what was stored in big food-production companies’ freezers — and spent the next weeks giving hungry Puerto Ricans an early Thanksgiving: big tablefuls of the only freshly cooked food they could get.

“An MRE is very expensive for the American taxpayer. A hot meal is more affordable,” he notes in what might qualify as another FEMA dig, adding that all citizens “should be receiving one plate a day of hot food. That’s not too much to ask in America.”

José Andrés Explains Serving 3 Million Meals in Puerto Rico