Gordon Ramsay Calls Renowned Chef Michel Roux an ‘Old Fart’ for Banning Photos

You donkey. Photo: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Waterside Inn in Bray is an OG powerhouse of British fine dining — it’s held three Michelin stars since 1985, longer than any restaurant outside France. If you assume that makes it a little old fashioned, you’re right, as diners were recently reminded: News broke this week that Waterside’s founders, brothers Michel and Albert Roux, have banned photography in the dining room (following an earlier threat to throw diners’ cell phones “in the ice bucket” at their other famed dining destination, Le Gavroche). Mere images of Waterside’s tasting menu “cannot possibly capture the flavors,” they argue.

Eager to join the fray, Gordon Ramsay took to Twitter this morning to clarify his position on their ban, since you were no doubt curious. Please let the record show he’s staunchly anti-:

His criticism got a warm reception on Twitter, where there’s been a lot of sneering at the 80-year-old brothers, possibly because many Twitter users also tend to be big Instagrammers. Either way, their approval incited a full-on rant from the chef:

Ramsay’s final shot addressed the claim that Waterside doesn’t let male guests remove their jackets even if it’s “boiling” hot inside the restaurant:

Naturally, this was the perfect setup to plug tonight’s all-new Hell’s Kitchen, where accommodating guests is always the first priority:

Gordon Ramsay Calls Michel Roux an ‘Old Fart’ for Photo Ban