De Blasio Staffer Shocks NYC by Declaring Chicago Deep-Dish the Best Pizza in the U.S.

Eric Phillips is the press secretary for known bad eater of pizza Bill de Blasio. He was apparently in Chicago over the weekend, and under normal circumstances, this would not be noteworthy. Phillips, however, tweeted this:

When he was (correctly) called out for his (frankly insane) opinion, he doubled down:

And this:

It’s obvious why Phillips — whose own Twitter bio betrays he’s a Wisconsinite — waited until four days after de Blasio won by 40 points to declare his love for Chicago deep-dish-maker Pequod’s pies. If voters had witnessed a defense of casserole masquerading as pizza beforehand, it would have effectively deep-sixed the mayor’s chances of reelection. So congratulations, Democrats: You put your guy back in Gracie Mansion, but also won yourself four more years of pizzas terrorized by forks and knives.

De Blasio Staffer Declares Chicago Deep-Dish the Best Pizza