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BrewDog Trolls Trump on Climate Change With Beer Made From Melted-Ice-Cap Water

“This beer is as bitter as a world ignoring climate change.” Photo: Brewdog

BrewDog’s goal of being dubbed a “failing, very WEAK business” by a U.S. president on Twitter continues: Following its plans to build a bar across the U.S.–Mexico border in order to make it “more difficult” to erect a wall, the brewery’s skilled Trump trolls today announced Make Earth Great Again, a new protest beer aimed at reminding certain world leaders that climate change isn’t something they can avoid by just, say, unilaterally withdrawing from an international accord.

MEGA seeks to illustrate this point in several ways, BrewDog’s announcement explains. First, they brewed a saison, a symbolic beer style that ferments at crazy-high temperatures of up to 95 degrees. Second, they sourced ingredients from what’s left of the ice caps — in this case, melted glacier water and cloudberries grown in the Arctic Circle. Next, they built a life-size replica of a polar bear to dispense the beer, a “shocking reminder” of “one of the greatest casualties of climate change.” (This bonus, alas, will only be for people who order MEGA on tap at BrewDog’s U.S. taproom outside Columbus, Ohio.) Then last, there’s the label. It features a drawing of robo-Trump fighting a polar bear with what appear to be extremely hot lasers.

BrewDog says it’s also sent a case to the White House, in an attempt to capture its occupant’s attention. All proceeds from sales will be donated to 10:10, a British charity that funds “positive, practical projects focused on tackling climate change.”

BrewDog Trolls Trump With Beer Made From Melted Ice Caps