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Taco Bell Is Really Going for It With a New Kit Kat Quesadilla

Yep, they went there. Photo: Taco Bell

The ingredients in Taco Bell’s latest stunt food make you wonder if the sum is greater than its parts. The new Chocoladilla only has two parts, and they are a tortilla and some Kit Kat bars. The stoners’-paradise chain actually first unveiled this unholy matrimony last fall, when it unloosed the mash-up across England, the Kit Kat’s motherland. But the Chocoladilla’s American tour is much more abbreviated, at least for now: It’s only on sale in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area.

Apparently, there’s also a Twix version being tested out, called the Caramel Chocoladilla:

Both options are totally self-explanatory. For just $1, you get a quesadilla where the quesa part has become candy bars. They’re lined up in a tortilla that gets folded in half and grilled until the insides melt, forming a so-called Chocoladilla. Small problem with that, though: In Spanish, ladilla actually means crab. No, not like the kind you eat — the kind you get.

Even if they’re blissfully unaware of that translation, people are still amazed that the chain had the cajones to create this food item:

All in all, Taco Bell seems very pleased with what it’s done. “You can see the attention is speaking for itself,” a spokesperson says.

Taco Bell Really Went for It With a New Kit Kat Quesadilla