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Yelpers Are Trashing a Restaurant That Admitted to Reselling Popeyes Chicken As Its Own

It’s a fact that everyone loves Popeyes fried chicken, but maybe not when you’re eating at a restaurant that isn’t Popeyes. A Yelper has called out Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, California, for using the chain’s chicken in one of its dishes. In a one-star review, user Tyler H. expressed disappointment about the fried-chicken dish with the type of subtlety and wit that only a Yelp user can muster:

The online menu doesn’t appear to list Tyler H.’s chicken and waffles right now, but “Chicken and Biscuits” is still on there — a dish that consists of “Fried chicken on buttermilk biscuit” and comes “Served w/ chipotle syrup.” It’s $12.95.

Owner Kimberly Sanchez tried to deflect incoming attacks with her own comment, which proclaims that her kitchen does, in fact, “PROUDLY SERVE Popeye’s spicy tenders — the best fried chicken anywhere and from New Orleans.” But people’s reaction to her defense has largely been: Oh, c’mon. The restaurant’s website declares, “Everything is made here — right down to our bacon jam and sriracha sour cream sauce,” and food photos on the restaurant’s Facebook page are now full of comments demanding to know if an item is as “homemade” as the “#scratch,” “#homemade” chicken was previously declared to be.

The restaurant’s Yelp page is, for now at least, also a free-for-all of vicious criticism:

Sanchez has largely gone the “fake news” route in more recent replies, arguing that local news stories — and those dumb enough to repeat them — are sputtering “half truths,” which is “the very thing [they have] accused us of doing.”

Restaurant Caught Reselling Popeyes Chicken As Its Own