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Hillary Clinton Celebrated Her 70th Birthday at Estela

Is Estela the official restaurant of the Obama administration? President Obama himself famously ate there while he was still in office, and Hillary Clinton continued the tradition over the weekend. The former secretary of State and presidential candidate, along with her husband, bought out the restaurant last night to celebrate her 70th birthday.

The Clintons, of course, are not unfamiliar to New York’s most popular restaurants. They were once spotted at Roberta’s for a Democratic donor dinner, and Hillary has professed her affection for Red Rooster and Rao’s. Chef Ignacio Mattos mentioned the dinner on Instagram, and this morning the restaurant’s account shared its own photo of the crew with the Clintons. A rep for the restaurant says they are unable to share any more information, so there are a few very important questions left unanswered: Did Hillary have the lamb ribs, the ricotta dumplings, the mussels escabeche, or the burrata? Did Bill violate his vegan diet to eat the fried black rice squid and romesco? It would have been worth it.

Hillary Clinton Ate at Estela Last Night